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Labor & Employment

Counseling for Workplace, Workforce and Worker-Mobility Legal Issues

We assist clients in taking a proactive approach in the recognition of, and compliance with, the many legal obligations applicable to their day-to-day business operations and career paths.  Jasper & Jasper is available to provide regular advice on a variety of workplace and employment-related issues.

Policy Development and Implementation:

Working with employers, develop and deploy relevant, sensible and effective workplace policies and practices for their business, including:

  • Employee handbooks and manuals;
  • Employee confidentiality, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements;
  • Independent contractor, employee, collective bargaining and other workforce retention contracts;
  • Affirmative action policies for business subject to Executive Order 11246 and related or similar mandates.


We can create and present training programs in workforce management and development on a variety of topics including: 

  • Interviewing and hiring;
  • Discipline and discharge;
  • Anti-harassment/discrimination and diversity inclusion policies;
  • ADA compliance.

Compliance Auditing:

Recognizing the value of identifying challenges in advance, Jasper & Jasper offers employers the opportunity for a  comprehensive employment law and best practices audit covering applicable federal, state, local laws and contractual obligations, relating to several matters, including: 

  • Employment discrimination;
  • Wage and hour requirements;
  • Collective bargaining;
  • Workplace accommodation and leave requirements.

 Resolving Employment Disputes and Litigation

Jasper & Jasper represents business and individuals in the resolution of a myriad of workplace legal disputes in numerous venues.  Often we can negotiate a resolution for you through:

  • Legal counseling
  • Negotiating termination or separation agreements; or
  • Mediation

When litigation has become unavoidable, we can defend or prosecute claims involving:

  • Discrimination in employment;
  • Wage and hour including putative class or collective actions;
  • Enforcement of restrictive covenants (non-competition/non-solicitation/non-disclosure agreements);
  • Other breaches of employment contracts, including collective bargaining agreements.

Our attorneys regularly litigate these matters in state and federal trial-level and appellate courts, within government administrative tribunals and private arbitration and mediation forums, such as the American Arbitration Association and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.