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Not-For-Profit Institutions

We understand that not-for-profit institutions are mission driven organizations, who use their revenue to achieve their goals rather than to generate economic returns.  With these special needs in mind, Jasper & Jasper offers value-added services to maximize our clients’ successful fulfillment of their charitable missions and to support their stewardship of the resources entrusted to them by their members, private donors or the public.

We advise our not-for-profit clients about special obligations as institutions organized for a public purpose.  We guide clients in establishing and enforcing governance policies so they can operate effectively and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  We also assist them in adopting best practices policies and procedures in accordance with their mission as well as the expectations of their constituents including, members, donors or public agencies.  We also help boards understand their fiduciary obligations and industry best practices so they can provide meaningful oversight to their organizations.

Our services include:

  • Formation of not-for-profit corporations, including non-traditional business models and specialized not-for-profits, such as religious corporation and housing development fund corporations;
  • Preparation and review of governance documents. (bylaws, governance policies, etc.);
  • Consultation on the legal duties of boards, including fiduciary and ethical obligations;
  • Advice on best practices, including conflicts of interest and financial controls;Assistance with legal compliance in responses to requests for proposals and public contracting for social services;Joint-ventures with other charitable institutions and private sector entities;
  • Disposal of assets;Reorganization or dissolution.

Jasper & Jasper also counsels on and facilitates the legal aspects of traditional commercial transactions such as vendor and lease arrangements and other contracting.  Additionally we assist clients with workplace/workforce management, including challenges that are generally unique to not-for-profit sector, such as management of volunteers and the compensation and supervision of interns.

We serve as outside general counsel for smaller not-for-profits, who can benefit from the advice and risk management of a legal team, but whose size does not support in-house legal staffing.